Roan Garcia-Quintana, is an American citizen who came to the US as a political refugee from Cuba.  He was made in Havana (Cuba) and raised in Savannah (GA), a place that he calls home.  He loves the South and everything for which it stands!


Mr. Garcia-Quintana was a research statistician for the SC Department of Juvenile Justice and the SC Department of Education, where he also was a psychometrician, in charge of constructing, analyzing and reporting the tests that are administered to the children who attend public schools in SC.


After working for the Reagan 1980 campaign as a pollster with the late Lee Atwater, he received a Presidential Appointment to the US Department of Educationís National Institute of Education, under President Ronald Reagan, where he was a Deputy Director.


He worked for the Gallup Organization, which produces the famous Gallup Poll, as a senior research analyst.


He was a research director for the SC Joint Legislative Committee of Families and Children under the direction of Senator Mike Fair.  After that, he became Director of Information Resource Management at Savannah Technical College in Georgia.  This was followed by his appointment to the Georgia Department of Education as Director of Title I, ESOL and other federal programs.


Mr. Garcia-Quintana has taught mathematics and computer languages at USC and Midlands Technical College in Columbia. 


He has been a political consultant to numerous candidates in SC and other parts of the US and is now the Executive Director for the Americans Have Had Enough Coalition (whose Past Honorary Chairman is US Congressman Tom Tancredo (R, CO)) and the newly formed Coalition for a Traditional America.